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  • From: Greg Fundyler <gyf@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 23:54:54 -0500

LoL!! You're obsessed with that picture!

You guys know that Micro-Soft is doing REALLY bad. They lost about 1/3
of their money in just a few months. Bill Gates is no longer the richest
man in the world, and if this continues he will end up living in a
cardboard box or something.:)  Now they're having something like a
"Going Out of Business Sale". They are selling WinME update for $50!
Deluxe versions of Linux cost more than that. But still, I wouldn't buy
WinME. I wouldn't even take it for free. It has absolutely no useful
enhancements over Win98. And the menues suck, you have to expand them
and stuff, I STILL haven't figured out how to use them. I used WinME on
my boss's new 500MHz computer (what a waste of speed!).

So Erwin, when is 3.1 coming out? (I don't mean to rush you or anything.

- Greg

BTW, I wrote 'Micro-Soft' like that on purpose.

Ross Nelson wrote:
> * puts up a Linux Chick poster *
> Hope no one minds...just makin the new home "roomier."
> Ross

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