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Hi Stephan.  What is WinMiser Pro?  It sounds like something I would be
interested in.

As for Windows NT 3.51; sorry to hear that Calmira won't work with its =
system.  I was hopeful that it would.  My line of thinking was that it =
*not* possible for Calmira to read Windows95 LFN because it was such a
different animal from Win3.1, but when I saw WinNT3.51's File Manager =
looks and works the same way as regular Windows3.1's) list files and
directories with LFNs, I thought there might be a possibility.  I have =
that NT and Win95 uses a different LFN scheme.

I am also remembering the frustration of having to upgrade applications =
that they too can utilize LFNs.  I'm convinced that Micro$oft planned =
that way to force yet another upgrade for *each* application to =
users.  It's no wonder that Gates is so well off.  Aaaarhh, wouldn't =
think applications would take their filenaming conventions based on =
operating system!  ...-I guess that's it: Windows itself is not a true
operating system; it is just a shell.   Hmm... a shell for a shell.  =20

Also, thanks to Erwin for his reply to my Wishlist request fro a =
menu keyboard accessible anywhere:
"Right-click the task list and select "New Task..."  -but, this again =
to be a mouse only command, which is what I am trying to circumvent.  I
believe that this is the feature that makes a program worthy as a =
Consider that any program cannot be used as an effective shell if it =
run another program.  Excel had a "Run..." menu, but it behaves =
and does not bring up File Manager's Run dialogue box.  For a long =
while I
was on the search for the smallest size effective shell  for my MinWin
configuration.  (My MinWin for v3.0 actually fits on a 720K floppy!)
Program Manager was actually the smallest size as long as you didn't =
any Program Groups or icons.  Task Manager (with its lovely <Ctrl-Esc>
access) was even smaller, but it had no way of running another program =
used as a shell.

Is it difficult to add another menu item to the <spacebar> menu (or =
menu) for keyboard access?  It would be truly wonderful if your Task =
can incorporate a Run Menu!! =20

There is a little known keyboard short-cut that I've discovered that =
keyboard access to dialogue box options within Win95 (not that it was
undocumented, it was there all the time - I just didn't link the 2 =
It is <Shift-F10> which is the keyboard equivalent of the =
With this, one had access to the graphic buttons in dialogue boxes such =
in Save or Open, or, if the focus was on the file list, one could =
access all
the right-click menu items such as "Sent To".  Can this be duplicated =
the Calmira environment?

Doesn't anyone else think that keyboard access is less cumbersome and
quicker to access as I do?  I'm not against the mouse, I against =
features.  This also greatly help disabled users, and it would widen =
base to include these users. =20

I did not use GeoWorks (Ensemble), and early GUI which had a LFN =
because it was not fully accessible by keyboard.


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has anyone found a full version of WinMiser Pro in the meantime?

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