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 Subject: <CT> BUG!: A real big problem multiple users dont work
 Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:26:48 -0800
 For all those who care,
 You can create users but when you try login it crashes and comes up with the
 message, "APPLICATION ERROR, Exception EGPFault in module CALMIRA.EXE    at
 0002:376B. General protection fault in module CALMIRA.EXE   at 0002:376B.
 Tried on several machines instalations no hope of me working it out need
 thanks in advance trev

Hi Trev,

First question is "Which version of Calmira are you using?"  I have used
mulitple-user configuration on Calmira II 3.2, and earlier, but not any
of the later versions (3.25 or 3.3).  So, if you are using 3.25 or 3.3, you
might want to try one of the older releases.  If I remember correctly, I
used a multiple-user system with Calmira II 3.1, 3.12 and 3.2.  I prefer
the look of the Taskbar in versions prior to 3.25 as it more closely
resembles my Windows 95 machine.  For those who use Win98 and
up on other machines, the Taskbar in 3.25 or 3.3 probably matches what 
they have on those machines.

Next question, "What other applications are you attempting to run
at Windows startup?"  That is, what apps are being loaded from the
WIN.INI file's "run=" or "load=" or some such.  It could be something
such as antivirus that is not fully releasing some of the memory it
uses to launch itself.  That is what is being referenced to in the error
messages and GPFs, the memory addresses.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.  If you are using the
newer Calmira releases, you might want to give 3.2 a chance.  I
have good results with it.  It may not have as many bells and whistles,
but sometimes all those extras put enough strain on the Windows 3.X
kernel files the system gives up.

Good luck!
GLENNRPH@xxxxxxx, GlennRPh@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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