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  • Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 15:11:19 -0000

Erwin wrote

>Steve Kirk wrote:
>> I've just got myself a wheel mouse for use with Win3.11
>> I've found the 16bit software for it; Nsp31w31.exe
>> which installed NetScroll version 1.17.01.
>First and most important question: Where did you find this file???

I just searched for it. Google didn't find it but a couple of
Metasearches did.

I've put it at:

http://sites.ecosse.net/steve.kirk/files/nsp31w31.exe  670Kb

Netscape or IE should download this rather than try to execute
it - I can't zip a self extracting archive and I don't think you can FTP
from this site.I ran F-Prot yesterday with the latest files so it's ok.

This was the first one I found.

The second was on the Genius Web site. The manual for this mouse has
the wrong Web address printed in it so I missed it at first.

You can have a look at:


Half way down the page, see:

NetScroll /                       Driver for Windows 3.1
NetScroll+   ns+31dos.exe  1.16   and DOS

It says version 1.16 but it installs 1.17, I'm sure it's just the same
with a different name.

Further down the page is the Win3.1 driver for the wireless mouse.

I want one.
I want one today.
Steve Kirk: Strathclyde / Scotland.
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