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>               <CT> Re: OT: Network Card, PC Speaker

>From: "Norm Meunier" <nmeunier@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: <CT> Re: OT: Network Card, PC Speaker

>>>Also, there's a M$ program named PC Speaker (I think it's M$) that'll =
>>>you play audio through the internal speaker.

>Actually Brian, I used this program on numerous machines and the =
> vary from completely garbled noise to rather clear sound.  It must =
> something to do with the quality of the motherboard (in some respect).

Oh my god I am actually replying to a Calmira post.. who knows when
since but what the hell (Hi Ross - did you ever try the OS2??)...

Speaker.. I used this on my old T1900 laptop (20mhz/486).. I suspect
that the problem is CPU or at least its clicks shared between running
apps and the sound output. Not great but at least for a poor soul it
worked :o)~

My question to you lot (I hope it makes a stir :o) is that by Moore's
(or sod's ;o)) law we will be at 10 gigHz within the next 3 to 4 years
so where will Calmira be when all those post pentium 133+ companies
upgrade and we no longer have the need or will to delve into win3x.

I ask this as I have around 15 or so 66mhz+ PC's (donated out to local
kids & elders) that will always need feeding?

All the best


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