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  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:52:02 +0100

> From: "Martin Porter" <m.porter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: <CT> Calmira on New PC
> Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:12:58 +1100

> I recently got a new PC - PIII 733MHz, 128k,

128 KB of RAM? ;)

> 20G, SiS630.  It's this latter
> component, the integrated chipset (actually a single chip) that's causing
> the problem I believe.  I've created a 1G partition and installed DOS 6.22
> and WFW3.11 with Calmira II v3.1.
> Unfortunately, I've been unable to find SiS630 video drivers for Win3.x and
> the only standard generic resolutions that work are those with 16 colours or
> less!  Worse still, I'm unable to control the scan frequency, which results
> in unacceptable flicker.

You'll need to get a graphics card with Win 3.1 drivers (such as the
Matrox Millennium G400). The integrated graphics chip is crap anyway -
shared memory :(. BTW I don't like these el-cheapo boards with low-end
chipsets very much - had one with some pretty dated VIA chipset, and the
performance wasn't very good; I replaced the board with an Asus P3B-F
(i440BX), and the performance problems were gone (along with some other
strange phenomena). If your new computer should be a notebook, your
problem can't be solved, though :(.

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