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Hi Glenn, I wanted to download the necessary files for trying out your
suggestion about being able to run version 1's Explorer as a stand alone
application.  Calmira.org's earliest version available is Li-Hsin's version
2.2, but it is a source release.  What does that mean?; will it have to be
compiled?  Per the site, a version 2.2 in German has a link, but I haven't
been able to download the file yet from any of the choice of ftp: sub-links.
(Web page error.)  I was hoping the German version was executable, just to
try it out.

Anyway, does version 1 still exist anywhere, can someone point me to the
website, or forward it to me as a zip (needs to be a zip) attachment?

Both Taskbars (original Windows and Calmira's) are able to run as stand
alone applications.  The problem is that it is inefficient to run it as a
Windows shell because it doesn't have a "Run..." Menu to execute another
application, but merely switches among those already running.  I just tried
out Metz Runner, an extremely small program which has a sole purpose is to
produce a run input field.  It has a nag screen for unregistered users and
it exits Windows abruptly (no confirmation upon exiting Windows.)  For sheer
size, it's the best so far for my MinWin configuration with task switching

Here is a better answer for my File Manager tip posted earlier about
copying/moving files/directories on the same drive: (for those interested)
        Set up your target directory first by going there, 
        press <F8> to Copy, 
        <shift-tab> to focus on From: input field, 
        target path should already be highlighted, 
        <Ctrl-C> to copy target path, 
        <Esc> to close Copy dialogue Box, 
        hilight desired file(s)/directory to transfer, 
        <F7> or <F8> to Move or Copy, respectively, 
        <Ctrl-V> to paste target path into To: input field, 
        <Enter> done.  
Everything is related to F7 or F8 so it's easy to remember.

Also tried NCOM, Norbert Commander, (shareware downloaded from Simtel) a
small file manager that utilized 4DOS file description.  It works!, but for
my taste, it needs getting used to.  Also, does *not* have a "Run..."
function and does not show all file details in the listing.

Owell...   -Bill

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Hmmm, by golly, I think there is a way to do this!  IIRC, Calmira version 1 
WILL ALLOW you to run Explorer, as well as Taskbar as seperate Windows 
applications.  But, it's been so long since I used version 1...this may be 
possible in the later version 2.2 also, don't remember for sure...I usually 
ran them all in one.  As I said, I may be wrong, especially on the Explorer 
part...but I know the Taskbar in version 1 can be ran without running the 
rest of Calmira!

C U L8R!
(my new web site, in addition to the members.aol.com/GLENNRPH/glennrph.htm)
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