<CT> LFN/description integration

  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
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  • Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 00:21:35 +0200

Hallo Calmirians,

I have an idea for the implementation of the file descriptions: What if
descriptions could be used as ordinary long file names in Calmira, i.e.
you could rename a file abc.txt to abcdefghi.txtfile, with an
appropriate short file name being generated? Of course the choice should
be left to the user (sometimes descriptions that are not directly
related to the filename do make sense), so the rename dialog could look
like this:

  Enter new filename here:
  [old SFN or description, if available; editable ] (greyed out if
                                                    option below is OFF)
  [old SFN    ]  (greyed out if option below is ON)

  [X] LFN support via descriptions, create new 8.3 filename if necessary
      (--> default setting: new user pref! In FS Properties it would fit
      quite well.)

Descriptions would remain *untouched* if the LFN support option is
disabled, so that the rename dialog would work as before. With the
option enabled, the full power of the dialog would be unleashed ;), with
the old SFN or (if available) description inserted in the upper editing
field, while the greyed out lower field might reflect the new short file
name (which would be created like in Win9x) in realtime. BTW it would be
nice if a new description were only created if the new file name
exceeded 8.3 - superfluous descriptions are something annoying with IFA,
for example. (An example for the latter: If abc.txt without any
description gets renamed to abcdef.txt with the LFN support option
enabled, no new description should be created.) Any idea if that is

The "Describe" option (Ctrl-B) would bring up the same dialog as b4. 

(Any thinking errors, so far?)

The reason why I'm suggesting this is the following: There is a patched
version (not yet official) of Star LFN
(<http://sta.c64.org/starlfn.html>) that enables DOS programs using the
LFN APIs to use Calmira's, 4DOS' and IFA's descriptions as LFNs. These
DOS programs include the DOS editor from Win9x, various packers and
several other apps. This patched version of Star LFN, if used in a DOS
box (it's not a good idea to load Windows after it, but in a DOS box it
works fine - tip: load it via the .pif), allows for very transparent use
of LFNs across platforms. And it gets even better: At some (yet
undefined) time in the future, there will be a version of tclhttpd (a
webserver written in Tcl/Tk) which supports description files, and
possibly an FTP client with the same functionality. (It all depends on
how my boss's bu$ine$$ goes, since he's the one who had the idea.)

BTW: Some more criteria in the search dialog (like date or size) would
be a pretty good idea - if it's not too much work, that is.

Stephan Großklaß (7bit: Grossklass)
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