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  • Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 18:04:05 -0500

It does look like it would be the best for us via USB controllers goes at 
I wouldn’t know since I haen’t had a chance to stress test any of the newer 
I just remember the last time I tried to fly via this program and it was a huge 
huge disaster.
So this is why I stated that IYP is still unfortunately number one. 
IYP’s only drawl back that I can see is that it’s all talk. 
At least, fs does have some keyboard commands that we can take advantage of at 
Has anyone gotten the hange of the newer IYP virtual airlines feature. 
I have it checked in my profile. 
But I never can get the hange of it. 
Maybe its because I never signed the va agreement. 
The only reason why I have done that is because I usually if I’m lucky can 
onlystand the smaller flights from about one to three hours. 
Usually one to two hour flight with once in a while the longer three hour 
flights on a Saturday. 
But the one thing I like about fs is that if you’ve bitten off something larger 
than you can chew sort to speak. 
You can save the flight at any point you wish and come back later and fly the 
rest of the flight. 
If I remember correctly, Robert has his va set us so that you can not do that. 
Now how has the time for the longer flights all the way through? 
Plus, I’ve never could figure out which flights are long and short to choose 
the flight I’d like to fly as well. 
Maybe someone from here can educate myself and the rest of we blind pilots on 
this newer feature. 

From: Jordan Gallacher 
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Subject: [bvipilots] In regards to my last few posts

Okay I will have to do some looking here.  Multi Crew Experience is heading in 
the right direction already.  If it turns out to work okay, then hmmmmm we 
might want to try to work with this company.


Ron and current Leader Dog boz who states "that a service dog beats a cane 
hands down any day of the week."

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