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Hello to my fellow BVI Pilots.
I know the bird to fly for private flights is the dassault falcon 7x.
Well, in the real world as I write this letter to my fellow pilots.
In the real world Dassault is testing a new bird that we all are going to want to replace the older df7x with for our private ga flights.
It is the DF8x.
Now why would we want to cell off our df7x for the df8x?
1. the df8x flys 500 miles further than the df7x.
2. the fuel on the df8x is 35 percent more  efficient than the older df7x.
Below is a letter that I received from the company who made the df7x aircraft that we all enjoy and take for granted.
They stated that they might think of creating the df8x.
Maybe if enough of us write to them they will create the df8x.
You know that if enough of us write that they might listen to what their curstomers want to fly.
even if we had to purchase it and it was free, if it were to be blind friendly I'd purchae it.
Pluse when Robert is feeling better, it shouldn't take all that much more to add the df8x since we already have the df7x in the IYP fleet of support aircraft.
Now with that said, here's the e-mail address to write to.
And now, here's the letter that was sent back to me about possiblably creating the df8x for all of we fsx pilots to enjoy.
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We may develop the Falcon 8X for FSX and P3D.
More to come...

Best Regards,

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*** Contact Us Submission ***
First Name: Ron Kolesar
Email Address: kolesar16417@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: General
Questions/Comments: Hello, my name is Ron kolesar and I am blind.
I fly thanks to the following three programs working together.
1. FSX.
Now, FSUIPC allows FSX to communicate with third party programs.
3. Last but not least the voice input program from Canada called It?s your Plane or IYP for short.
Their web page is at
Now for private GA flights, the only aircraft to fly private GAflights is the Dassault Falcon 7x or for short the DF7X.
But has anyone checked out the dassault falcon      webpage lately?
They now have the df8x.
Why would one want to upgrade?
1. the df8x flys 500 miles further than the df7x.
2. the fuel is 35 percent more efficient than the older df7x.
The only sad thing about the IYP program is that it is all voice input.
You have no actual physical hands on interfacing withyour aircraft.
I don?t care if you are blind or if you are sighted, we all need one inportant item.
That item it confirmation               feedback.
Whenwe perform a action, we want to know that we performed that action correctly or not.
The sighted will receive this vital information via their eyes.
We the blind receive the same information via audio output, force and or shock feedback, and or via some type of vibrational feedback.
If we had any combination of the above, we too could fully use the fsx program.
What?s nice about the FSX program via the keyboard is that we can celect the bird we want to fly, make sure the date and time and weather is set to the real world as possible, and we also can file our flight plan.
But to crall or taxi while on the ground and to navigate and so on, we need that audio feedback or a third party AI copilot or ai first officer program to help us out like the IYP program.
Now I?ve heard that there?s a new up coming Microsoft flight simulator version 2016.
Is this a fact or is it a rumer?
I have been flying Microsoft Flight simulator version ten gold since October of 2009.
Which now days is also simply known by as FSX.
So in closing, is there any hope of having access to the new up coming DF8X for we who fly thanks to FSX in the windows 10enviroment?
I thank you for your time.
Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot who?d love to have a DF8X to fly via fsx.
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