[Bristol-Birds] Shady Valley is ablaze with fall foilage -- travel at your own risk (off topic) !

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 If you are color blind, hit delete now.

 The hills are ablaze with the flames of fall foliage in Shady Valley.  

 Across Holston Mountain into the valley, it was so beautiful we couldn't drive 
 enough to take it all in.  The uplands around Shady are as pretty as one can 

 Even the dense clusters of apples in the mountain orchard are struggling to 
hang on 
 and share the drama.

 Don't go without your camera.  Why miss such a pleasure ?

 I believe the peak at these elevation will come Thursday or Friday.

 Don't know if you can wait until Saturday.  Of course this is just my 

 Fred and Janice Martin joined Carolyn and I on a ride across Holston Mountain 
after 5 p.m.
 Tuesday.  The colors began to grow more intense on the mountain side of U.S. 
 bridge over the lake.  At about 2,100 feet, as you enter the Cherokee National 
Forest just 
 above the Jacob's Creek Job Corps turnoff, it began to glow. Ahhh...for eye 
candy ! 

 This is simply sensuous.  

 You can most likely find such exciting color anywhere in these Blue Ridge 
Mountains as the
 elevations increase.  While at the bog watch in Shady Saturday, we noticed 
there had
 been a significant frost during the night.  It was only beginning to thaw 
about 8 a.m.
 That, coupled with the temperatures and rainfall, are probably bringing us one 
of our best
 fall leave splashes in recent years.  For two or three years it seemed we 
could not
 find a dramatic surge. 

 Even if you can spare only a few hours, drive up to Shady from Damascus in 
 or along Stony Creek from Elizabethton.  Even across the Holston from Sullivan 

 It will  burn your eyes.  

 Tonight was near dark at 5 p.m. under overcast with a slights sprinkle 
 of rain.  What would this have felt like warmed with evening sun ?

 No matter where you spare the time or travel, make certain plans to get out on 
 palette in this Appalachians forest cathedral.  

 Trump all other temptations.  Procrastinate to dos lists.  

 Push back the clock hands to go slowly and certain with nature's testimony.  
 each burning branch. The blankets of trees.  Let it seep into your soul.  Take 
a good 
 doze of this natural  prescription to cure whatever inflicts your moment.  

 Let yourself be drunk and dizzy from this "sweet intoxication." 

 If you have seen the wrap-around cover with fold-in of the spectacular fall 
 on the cover of "Bird Study in Shady Valley Tennessee 1934-1999," then imagine
 where the valley may be two or three days !

 We will not let it escape us.  Carolyn and I will return almost daily until we
 know we have captured the peak and saturated our memories.  It is possible this
 will be the best brush strokes the Master has given Shady in several years. 

 And if you are underwhelmed with what you see after what is written here, 
forgive me.

 I am easily elated with beauty and her final curtain call.

 Wallace Coffey
 Bristol TN

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