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October 28-November 4, 2007

Greene County, including Wal-Mart Distribution Center (WMDC) and nearby areas, 
as well as various spots around Greeneville and Tusculum

October 28:
Sharp-shinned Hawk (near Tusculum)

October 30:
Great Horned Owl (near Tusculum)

October 31 (at WMDC; David Kirschke also present):
American Black Duck (2)
Northern Shoveler (2)
Northern Pintail (3)
Greater Yellowlegs (6)
Wilson's Snipe (8)
Tree Swallow (20)
Swamp Sparrow (10)

November 1:
Red-breasted Nuthatch (in Greeneville)
Lincoln's Sparrow (near Tusculum)

November 3 (Hwy. 348 near Oakwood Rd.):
Great Horned Owl 
Palm Warbler 
Rusty Blackbird (3)

November 4 (at WMDC with David Chaffin; birding solo elsewhere):
Gadwall (8 WMDC)
American Wigeon (6 WMDC)
American Black Duck (WMDC)
Northern Pintail (2 WMDC)
Green-winged Teal (20 WMDC)
Ring-necked Duck (WMDC)
Northern Harrier (WMDC)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (WMDC, before David's arrival)
Merlin (WMDC)
American Coot (2 WMDC)
Greater Yellowlegs (2 WMDC)
Wilson's Snipe (16 WMDC)
Horned Lark (4 Baughard Hill Rd.)
Red-breasted Nuthatch (in Greeneville)
American Pipit (5 WMDC)
Palm Warbler (WMDC)
Vesper Sparrow (2 Baughard Hill Rd.)
Purple Finch (in Greeneville).

Don Miller
Greeneville, Greene Co., TN

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