[Bristol-Birds] Pileated Woodpecker Sitings - Greene County

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Greeneville TN - Greene County - Nata Jackson
Buffalo Creek Ln - Pumpkin Bloom Ln - W Allen's Bridge Rd - S Old Kentucky Rd

One of my favorite but elusive woodpeckers is the Pileated; hear but not photo 
This winter it appears they are coming out closer to the streets and my 

I spotted a tree with holes going up to the top on Buffalo Creek (2.14), at the 
street line.  
Don Miller confirmed most likely Pileated, so I went back trying to see if a 
nest hole/newborns.
Praying the several blocks from my home, I turned the corner and heard the 
hahaha ha
sound, but off it flew.  I went down to the barn to spot an owl, but none.  
Backing up,
there was a Pileated in the tree above the barn!!  

My neighbor across the street has the Pileated at his house in the hollow.  
Down the
end of Pumpkin Bloom you can also see one on the line or hear one in the back 

For the GBBC heard one on S Old Kentucky - drove down past Allen's bridge and 
turned at
Birdwell's.  Saw the Pileated in her neighbor's driveway, then heard it again 
further up.

Today, about 9:30am, I passed by my kitchen window and the Pileated was at a 
Unfortunately, I had just downloaded my photos and put the battery in to 
charge.  Must
have turned something, because I went out for the perfect shot but the camera 
would not
work - discovered the timer had been set.  Not sure how I did that, but maybe a 
Canon flaw.
Now prayed heavily for just one good photo.  Pileated (maybe a juvenile?) 
stayed while I
got very close, then flew to a tree, another tree and another, while I waited 
each time for
the timer.  But God is good and I got these two photos.

This is the most I've seen/heard in Greene County since I moved here almost 15 
And I have plenty of dead trees, so hoping for another photo opportunity.

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