[Bristol-Birds] Golden Eagle photo trapping slowed by good weather. Six eagles affixed with transmitters in Virginia.

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Many eagle researchers are having trouble finding roadkill deer
for use in baiting birds to come within their camera's range. The
general lack of snowfall throughout the Appalachians and a little
warmer than usual temperatures have greatly slowed the pace.

At Grayson Highlands State Park area about 15 miles east
of Damascus, VA, in Grayson Co., a Golden Eagle has been 
frequenting a deer carcass.  Researchers plan to capture the 
bird off the carcass and affix a satellite tracking device with a 
solar cell to power it. 

Six such tracking devices have been placed on Golden Eagles
so far this winter throughout the western part of Virginia by the
state department of game and inland fisheries.

Two were captured in Wythe County not far from Wytheville.

It has been interesting that more adults are being observed this

The South Holston Lake Bald Eagle camera site has been taken
offline and brought in from the field.  No eagles were lured to bait
and no Bald Eagles photographed.  The perplexing issue at the
reservoir was possibly 4 to 6 Bald Eagles present leading up
to the photo capturing as well as several during the monitoring

It is now believed the Bald Eagle may have either fully utilized
preferred fish for food.  There is a possibility the photo site may
have been too close to trees and that sometimes will deter the
species from coming in to eagle carcasses. 

One of the Johnson County cameras has been closed down 
as has one in Russell County, Va.

Coyotes were raiding the carcass bait.  Two were coming to a
carcass at Orchard Bog in Shady Valley and eventually drug the
bait away.

In Russell County at Rich Mountain, the camera was pulled out 
after repeated efforts by Coyotes and Bobcats to drag the carcass
off.  Three Bobcats attempted to get the deer with the largest picking
it up by the throat but couldn't pull it loose from the security stakes
that held it in place.

Finally, a very large Coyote did manage to drag it by the hind quarter
and carry it down the mountain for a long distance.  The trail was
lost after attempting to track the animal.

Let's go birding . . . . 

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN


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