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Fall Season            Aug 1 thru Nov 30
Winter Season        Dec 1 thru Feb 28 
Spring Season         Mar 1  thru May 31
Summer Season     June 1 thru July 31

Many species have finished nesting.  Migration is underway. Our human schedule 
tells us August is still summer but many local species have left nesting 
territories and nesting areas.  Shorebirds are on the move and terns, 
waterfowl, herons, eagles and such are passing along rivers and lakes.  August 
is a Fall Season month for data.

When you post a bird observation to a region or state listserv, your most 
relevant and seasonal observations, numbers, dates and observers are reviewed 
by one or more of
the regional data editors.  Eventually, Rick Knight of Johnson City, has 
responsibility for the compilation and editing all Tennessee bird records for 
reporting in THE SEASON section of the state quarterly journal of ornithology, 
THE MIGRANT.  To do this, he has three regional editors who assist him.  He 
gathers the Cumberland Plateau/Ridge and Valley Region data himself.

In Southwest Virginia, Roger and Lynda Mayhorn compile the Southwest counties 
report which appears in the Virginia Society of Ornithology's quarter 
publication Virginia Birds.

These compilations are among some of the main archives for bird records when it 
comes to publishing region or state books about bird distribution and 
occurrence as well as state checklists and other important data used in 
management decisions for birds.

It is for these reasons that posts need specific information about where, when, 
who and what was seen in such online listserv reports.  It is not always fair, 
best or accurate to assume that every editor who sees or uses such data already 
knows all they need to know about a specific location or field trip.

In addition, several people compile more specific site lists, dates, maximum 
numbers and such.  Christmas Bird Counts are also used to get data for various 
lists, including the season reports.  The same can be said for all types of 
local observations.

Virginia reports data by state and regions.  Tennessee reports data by 
ecologically-based geographical areas and regions which sometimes split 
counties.  Example:  Sullivan County is in the valley region compiled by Rick 
Knight but the Holston Mountain part of the county data is compiled by Richard 
Lewis for the state mountain region report.  Some decisions have been made as 
to what specific locations are assigned to one region or another which may not 
exactly fit the region map.  It is because of such highly specific reporting 
and record keeping that very accurate data has been collected for decades and 
available for publication in books such as The Birds of Northeast Tennessee- 
Second Edition by Knight and the recent state book, Virginia's Birdlife.
Tennessee State Season Editor: Richard (Rick) L. Knight, 804 N. Hills Dr., 
Johnson City, TN 37604, (423) 282-5297, E-mail: rknight8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tennessee Cumberland Plateau/Ridge and Valley Region: Richard (Rick) L. Knight, 
804 N. Hills Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604, (423) 282-5297, E-mail: 
rknight8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Tennessee counties or portions of counties: Sullivan, 
Carter, Washington, Greene, Hawkins, Hancock, Claiborne, Grainger, Hamblen, 
Cocke, Jefferson, Sevier, Campbell, Union, Knox, Blount, Scott, Anderson, 
Loudon, Monroe, Fentress, Cumberland, Morgan, White, Vanburen, Warren, Grundy, 
Franklin, Marion, Hamilton, Bradley, Polk, McMinn, Monroe, Roane, Rhea, Meigs, 
Sequatchie, Pickett, Overton and Putnam.

Tennessee Eastern Mountain Region: Richard P. Lewis, 407 V. I. Ranch Road, 
Bristol, TN 37620, (423) 878-2505. E-mail: mountainbirds@xxxxxxxxx Mountain 
portions (generally eastern sections for most part but all of Unicoi and 
Johnson) of Tennessee counties: Carter, Sullivan, Washington, Greene, Cocke, 
Sevier, Blount, Monroe, McMinn and Polk.

Virginia Southwest Region:  Roger and Lynda Mayhorn, HC 67 Box 44A, Pilgrims 
Knob, VA 24634 mayhorn@xxxxxxxxxxxx Virginia counties of Bland, Buchanan, 
Carroll, Dickenson, Floyd, Grayson, Lee Russell, Scott, Smyth, Tazewell, 
Washington, Wise and Wythe.

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