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  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 09:39:47 -0400

I went walking at Oak Hill Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee this 
morning (May 28, 2006) around 8:00 am.  Before walking I checked on the two 
Cooper's Hawk nests there.  At the first nest, located on the south side of the 
cemetery near the funeral home, an adult female was present at the nest.  I 
watched her as she sat on the nest for about 10 minutes.  She then moved off to 
perch on the nest rim.  Shortly after,  I heard the male give a short call from 
the trees near the nest.  The female flew off the nest and towards the call.  
Couldn't see what was happening for the leaves on the trees, but about 45 
seconds later the female reappeared at the nest with a prey item.  She then 
proceeded to feed the chicks. I could just see the heads of three white, downy 
chicks appearing over the nest rim as she fed them.  She continued to feed them 
for about 10 minutes and was still feeding when I left to check on the second 

At the second nest located a few hundred yards away on the north side of the 
cemetery, an adult was sitting on the nest.  The bird remained there while I 
watched for around 15 minutes.  Looks like this pair are either incubating or 
brooding young.  I'll try to get back soon before work one day and see if I can 
get a better idea of what's happening with this them.

Very encouraging to see these raptors nesting in a suburban area where there's 
lots of noise and people activity.  Particularly around the south side nest 
there's always people walking around, lawn tractors, weed eaters and just a lot 
of noise.  Doesn't seem to bother the hawks in the least.


Rick Phillips
Kingsport, Tennessee

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