[Bristol-Birds] Birding at NTSP & by Bus

  • From: Bill Cawood <b_cawood@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 11:46:58 -0700 (PDT)

Natural Tunnel State Park May 29-31
Black & White warbler
hooded warbler
black-billed cuckoo
yellow-billed cuckoo
belted kingfisher
American crow
European starling
common grackle
red-winged blackbird
rock dove
mourning dove
prairie warbler
scarlet tanager
wood pewee
red eyed vireo
white eyed vireo
tufted titmouse
Carolina chickadee
red shouldered hawk
red tailed hawk
turkey vulture
common raven
Northern cardinal
chimney swift
tree swallow
Northern rough winged swallow
barn swallow
screech owl
wood thrush
hermit thrush
Louisiana water thrush (possible near visitor center)
American robin
pileated woodpecker

Canoe Trip 2pm-530pm Sunday May 31 Species of note:
great blue heron - 3
osprey - 1
double crested cormorant - 1 (chased this bird at least 1.5 miles to make 
positive ID)
common raven - 1
wood duck - 2; 1 with chicks
mallard - 4
Canada goose - 14
black billed cuckoo - 1 (heard calling at Clinchport)
belted kingfisher - 1
turkey vulture - 3
green heron - 1
pileated woodpecker - 2

Birding by Bus:
American crow
belted kingfisher
chimney swifts
red-shouldered hawk
red-tailed hawk
red winged blackbird
mourning dove
rock dove
European starling
turkey vulture feeding on road kill timber rattlesnake
indigo bunting

Bill Cawood, Powell Valley High School Biology Teacher, Natural Tunnel State 
Park Naturalist

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