[Bristol-Birds] Bald Eagle attentive at SHL nest

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 20:39:12 -0400

Our family spent
a couple of hours
at South Holston
Lake today (4/5),
Washington Co VA,
watching activity
at the Bald Eagle
nest.  It was fun
and rewarding.

An adult kept the
vigil at the nest
and was always
attentive to what
is in the nest.  It
is, no doubt,
eaglets.  It did
not brood or
incubate during
the afternoon but
perched on the edge of the nest.  Every now and then, the adult eagle 
would become busy.  It would place its beak in the nest and work at 
whatever needed to keep things active and in the proper condition.  
No food was seen delivered to the nest and a second bird was not 
evident from our vantage point.
Our daughter, Janet, is here
visiting for the weekend.
The Lawsons were present
but the viewing station was 
at neighbor Anne's who has
a great viewing deck.
The Russell County Bird Club
had another field trip here
Saturday with a large group
of birders present.  It was a
smaller group today with
about 7 or 8 people showing up.  This was not scheduled ahead.  It
just happened and came together as one after another showed up.

 Let's go birding . . .

 Wallace Coffey
 Bristol, TN

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