[Bristol-Birds] BBC Christmas Party Set for Saturday

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BBC Christmas Party is just
around the corner - plan now!

Regional Birders:

Larry "Mad Dog" McDaniel is having to take deep breaths to steady his 
excitement.  You can tell how fired up everyone is about the 14th Annual 
Bird Club Regional Christmas Party scheduled this Saturday at 6 p.m. at Piney 
Flats, TN. near Johnson City.

McDaniel, long known as the BBC original party animal, has visions of Christmas 
dinner dancing through his head.  Of course !  Mad Dog has thrown some of the 
most mind-blowing parties in BBC history.  He loves wild parties that last all
night.  He loves parties where he can go wild.  Or even go owling ;-) 

Do you remember BBC party No. 2 when Larry got on the roof of his house
and thought he was a reindeer ?  Do you remember the year when he left
Party No. 4 and ended up at Rankin Bottom trying to get home ?  Do you 
remember Part No. 7 when he took Janice Martin's mother home from the
party and thought she was Brittany Spears ?  Sorry about that Ethel !

Our second year at the Parker's house will be another year for all years!  It
was the site in 2004 when 52 birders showed up to celebrate Christmas
and birding friendships of the region.

Mercy!  It's Christmas party time with the Bristol Bird Club.   Merry Christmas 
birders !!!!! 

The lavish and delicious food spread will hit the table just before 7 p.m.  
is not a snack party.  This is Christmas dinner with regional birders and BBC.  

Bring one or two covered-dish plates so that we will have plenty of food.  We 
don't care if you buy a salad at Pizza Hut.  Just bring a good dish that will 
feed people.  This is Christmas dinner.  When the champion, award-winning, 
cooks of the BBC hit their kitchens, you will be astounded at the good food.  
It will be a great chow-down evening for everyone.

Everyone reading this e-mail is fully invited.  Not as guest.  This is your 
party wherever you are from.  Come from Wise County, Greene County, Smyth 
County, Russell County, Buchanan County, Carter, the two Washingtons, Hawkins, 
Grayson, Johnson, Unicoi, Scott, Dickenson, Tazewell, Wythe, Cocke, Jefferson 
and anywhere else you are from or were ever from.  You do not need not be a 
member of any bird club to come to this party.

Bring your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, great-grandmother, ex-husband, 
boyfriend, the preacher's wife, grand daddy or great grand daddy.  Bring the 
preacher and the church choir.  Bring your child's best friend.  Bring the 
postman or the milkman.  Bring your parole officer ;-)   If you don't have a
boyfriend or girlfriend, call a birder up and tell them they are you new 
or girlfriend and drag them to the big BBC Christmas Party Saturday night.

Remember, we are at the beautiful Bob, Ellen and Charlie Parker home in 
Summerfield near Boone Lake and Winged-Deer Park.

Start thinking now about what you will bring for dinner.

This is serious partying when everyone has a wonderful time!

Let's go partying.....

Wallace Coffey
Party Promoter

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