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You will certainly have my prayers and best wishes. 

Godspeed, my friend.


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Hi I've not corresponded with you in quite some time due to the fact I'm
doing some research as to my career choices so that way the Department Of
Rehabilitation and Blind Field Services in California needs to create a plan
for employment with me that will work...so I'm surrently trying to gather
information regarding the Medical Billing field for those totally blind
people who use screen readers and braille displays...in addition to this, on
April 12th, I had an appointment with my opthamologist and discovered I have
only light perception in my right eye whereas I had it at one point in both
eyes, but this could be due to cateracts...anyway, I've had and still have
burning and hot feeling sensation and dryness in my eyes, and also it feels
like I havve pebbles in my eyes, but know for sure, I don't...so, next week,
I have to see an eye specialist to get a v scan which is in layman's
terminology, an ultrasound on my eyes...then I khave to see my opthamologist
also next week...in the meantime, I'm using the samples he gave me two...a
drop four times a day...now I just need to tell mom to give me some
sunglasses for the day time and an eye pillow or whatever they are called
for the night time because my hands have a tendancy to scratch my eyes, and
that is because they itch and all the other oddities I mentioned
before...the only way for me to make sure my eyes stay moist after I've done
the drops four times a day one drop in each eye, is to squint maddly...so
all this to say, please keep me in your prayers...I hope it is an issue that
can be solved...really, first high blood pressure, now what? No forget I
even asked that!
Also I'm having to meet with my rehab counselor for the blind about my IPE,
the Individual Plan of Employment not to be confused with IEP or
pie...though chocolate mud pie sounds tempting now.
Thanks for your prayers and thinking of me during this time.

"Passion is a great motivator. Music is a life-long learning experience."
Chela Robles
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