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Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing what are NIMAC books. It doesn't include Spanish titles. The German titles are still considered English by the Bookshare site so there isn't much I can do about that either. The only way I would be able to determine NIMAC books is to manually look up every title which is not something that I have time for. It's the same with the synopses. My process is relatively simple. I remove the Bookshare IDs because they don't really help people find the books. I change tabs to spaces and put the word "by" between the title and author. That's about it. I suppose I could try to eliminate obvious textbooks and non-English titles but someone might want those and sometimes it isn't obvious which are and aren't NIMAC books, so everything stays. It's the same with adult and non-adult books. If anyone wants to help further or produce their own list, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I'll do what I can with my resources available.

popularplace@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
If you want you can exclude the NiMAC books since most people can't download them--nor are/were most people interested in non-English-language books; that's actually what gave rise to my starting my list IF YOU HAVE ONE OF MY OLD LISTS YOU CAN copy the first paragraph and attach it to your list. Of course if excluding the books I mentioned is mor difficult for you. I don't know your process. I copied the list of books from the site. pasted them into a file, did a search for nimac and deleted them. I had to be careful not to delete a title of a book that followed a nimac book. As I
Doing the synopses was the mostime-consuming  because either there weren't any 
or they were badly written or were reviews and not synopses  --and had to be 
limited to was it 250 characters?
I'm afraid I'm still not able to help you or to take the job back. I'm 
absolutely sure that every one greatly appreciates yur lists. If you can think 
of a way I can help  that doesn't copying from the site and pasting let me know.
I'm forwarding to the volunteer list

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