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  • Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:30:42 -0400

I reformatted the card, and copied my files from my PC to the BP.  The list
of files on the BP is again displaying.  Thank you for your help.

Maybe you will know:  I am getting an "Unsafe Removal of Device" warning
upon removing the USB cable from Book Port.  Any suggestions on the proper
way to disconnect the BP from my PC?  I am running Windows 2000.

Jerry Weinger

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This is caused by a mismatched file pair on the Book Port. When you send a
file, two files are created -- one with an ._dd extension, and one with a
._ix extension. Your problem is generally caused when you have a ._dd file
without a matching ._ix file. This is rare, but apparently can happen. Here
are your choices:

1. After setting Windows Explorer to show hidden files, use Windows Explorer
to look through the contents of your card, and find the ._dd file which
stands alone. Delete the file, and all should be well.

2. Just reformat the card and resend your stuff.

Rob Meredith

>>> jnweinger@xxxxxxxxxxx 08/13/05 11:13AM >>>
Dear All,
The Book Port transfer software is not displaying the file contents of my
Book Port's "slash" directory.  The software does display the Memos and the
Notes folders.  And yes, there are many books on my Book Port. 
Are there any suggestions as to how I can see the file content of my Book
Port using the transfer software?

Jerry Weinger

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