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currently shows a 4Gb card by Transcend with a lifetime warranty (one of the 
things I wouldn't buy a card without) for $58 including free shipping. The 
same card is available from NewEgg for almost exactly the same total price, 
although they do have a charge for shipping (but their price on the card, 
itself, is less).

Incidentally, this brand (Transcend) seems to be a new kid on the block. As 
long as I've been chasing CF card prices (and it's been a _long_ time, 
believe me), I've never heard of it until today, but almost everybody seems 
to be selling it now--NewEgg, ZipZoomFly, etc.

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I just purchased a 4-gig Type I CF card manufactured by Dane
Electronics for $79.00 from:


There was no sales tax, and they presently have a promotion
providing free ground shipping.

I don't know with certainty, but this seemed to me to be a good
deal as Radio Shack had a 2-gig Type I compact flash card for
$119.  And, this purported to be a 15 % discount sale price.
Would you believe, I couldn't even find Type I cards at Circuit
City, and our local Best Buy had only a 2-gig card.

Don Roberts

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