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 "Unfamous Quotations"

OK, here's a challenge to conventional thinking; why is it that most famous
quotations happen to have been made by famous people? Philosophers, poets,
industry magnates, actors, writers and so on. What about all the bite-sized
philosophy and profound observational skills of people who are not
'clasically' famous? Furthermore, there seems to be a finite number of
famousquotations out there with only very few new ones being added. Time for

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this very lunchtime I've discovered an exciting
newmarket, a market for quotations made by people who are not famous. The
tickler being that if you're quotation is good enough it will gradually
become famous and will ultiately drag you into to infamy with it, thus
rendering your quotation unworthy of inclusion in the book of quotations by
people who are not famous. Ahem. Those will go into another book entitled
"Famous Quotations By People Who Were Not Famous When They Made Them But Who
Quite Liked The Idea Of Becoming Famous One Day By Making Up A Potentially
Famous Quotation"

So, to start us off here's Unfamous Quotations entry number #1....

"The web is to writing what the MTV music video was to pop music." Gary

Enter your own pearls of wisdom in Comments over at mlod[1] and I'll collate
them into a proper page, famous obscurity possibly followed by untold fame
awaits you...

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