[blindza] Glove developed that 'feels' 3D images

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Glove developed that 'feels' 3D images

27 June 2007 at 11h19

Tokyo - Ever dream of being drawn close to a smiling Marilyn Monroe or
feeling the muscles of fitness guru Billy Blanks?

A Japanese firm on Wednesday unveiled a system that enables you to feel "the
shape and softness" of three-dimensional images using a sensor-loaded glove.

The "tangible 3D" system creates graphics that seem to burst out of a screen
and has a glove that allows users to "feel" them, according to NTT Comware,
the software development unit of telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and

Without any need for awkward 3D glasses, users could feel a far-away object
as if it were right in front of them, NTT said at a virtual reality

The developer was exploring commercial applications which could include
video phones, said engineer Shiro Ozawa.

"You would be able to take the hand, or gently pat the head, of your beloved
grandchild who lives away from you," he said.

If a person linked to the system moves in another place, his or her
three-dimensional image also moves in real-time. The user would feel as if
they were
being pulled along if the image moves while grasping your hand.

The dead could also be "resurrected" by the system and museum visitors could
"touch" precious exhibits sealed in showcases, the firm said.

This article comes from this URL:

Seems interesting since I know one of my 'local' suppliers was supposed to
be selling something that could render a tactile version of an
image/computer screen.


Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker

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