[blindreplay] Re: .xmm file conversion

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Thanks Leslie,

You guys are terriffic!!!

On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Leslie Bee 
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Howdy All -
I have sent this question to the developer.
Stay tuned,

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Subject: [blindreplay] .xmm file conversion

HI All,

I have a GEX MP3 satellite reciever portible which records satellite programs 

When the program records a show, the show appears in a singel subdirectory 
which is filled with a series of .xmm files. I believe these are some kind of 
copy-protected files, but don't know.

Can Replay Converter convert these files? or , does anyone know how I might do 
this? I don't want to redistribute these programs, only move them to a standard 
MP3 player which I normally cary with me.


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