[blindreplay] Re: what does the convert/transfer option do

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 14:57:08 -0800

I am so sorry this is appearing over and over!  It is not something I am doing! 
 We are trying to fix it right now!  Please accept my apology!
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  Subject: [blindreplay] what does the convert/transfer option do

  Hello.  When I right click a show, one of the options is convert/transfer.  I 
have an .rm file from the bbc7, and I want to convert it to mp3 now that the 
converter is suppose to be working according to Bill's e-mail to me.  So I 
assumed this option would do that, but when i open the dialogue box, all i see 
is the show I've highlighted, then a view all button, then it says playlist 
click to unselect, but there's nothing there, then I see an exit button.  What 
am I not doing correctly?


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