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RMC6 using NVDA and Windows XP or Vista did very well with RMC6 Settings 
area and I never lost focus. For example, NVDA always read back to me 
whether a switch was on or off within any of the settings found within its 
five tab property sheets like in the Personalization, Output folder, 
Internet Download, Audio Recordings, DVR and Naming tabs. But with JAWS 
after a certain amount of time has passed it will lose focus with the main 
tab controls (Home, Guides, Schedule, Settings, Get Support) and the 
Settings interface will lose focus as the user has no idea if a control is 
on or off (enabled / disabled). In the settings it would say it some places 
'1' instead of switch is on / off. I really have not checked to see if the 1 
means ON and possibly 0 means OFF. When I was learning about computers it 
used to mean 0 meant off and 1 meant ON but not sure here. As a blind PC 
user I have to find ways to find a fix so I used NVDA to set my settings as 
it does a better job handling this then JAWS. If the blind user only uses 
JAWS tell them to exit RMC6 and re-run RMC6 and go to the settings area and 
set his settings before focused is lost. I told someone at Applian I would 
give RMC6 a grade of C a few weeks ago but since that time I would give it a 
grade of B- because of the available keyboard shortcuts and the ability to 
import media files into the list view box which allows one to convert those 
files. The RMC6 program does work and captures what I need to capture. I 
have no way of knowing if there are more issues when using Windows 7 64 bit 
On the main user interface if you want to know if the Audio Recorder 
recording mode is at the stert recording or stop recording position simply 
press shift+tab and tab to re-hear the mode or use alt+r to start reocrding 
and press alt+r again to stop recording while using the Audio Recorder. If 
you are using the Stream Downloader use alt+x and pay attention to the sound 
affect beep and alt+x to stop the stream downloader mode to stop capturing. 
If one is having an issue finding the list view box / area where the 
captured files appear tell the user to press ctrl+l to go to the URL field 
and then tab 3 times and press the up arrow and you will hear the list box 
contents. This works for me. Or look for the show in folder or properties on 
the main user interface and shift+tab and you will find the list box view. 
Who are these other users who have issues with RMC6? Tell them to contact me 
by email message. If you cannot find the list view contents you can go to 
the hard drive folder where your captures are stored. There while in the 
list you can press your F5 key to examine the file size progress download 
size and listen to your computer for the sound beeps RMC6 will make when 
each and every capture is finished for you. Again I do not know if there are 
significant issues using RMC6 with Windows 7. As a blind PC user I have to 
find alternative methods / skills to use a particular piece of software. I 
did mention the focus issues to Applian but I understand it could be the 
screen reader at some fault too. The RMC6 Guides tab control and its usage 
needs work / improvements when it comes to using it. To import a file into 
RMC6 use alt+i keystroke as drag n drop is difficult. Please pass this on to 
any mailing list you are a member of to assist the blind RMC6 user.

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Jeff, Replay media catcher 6 and screen readers.
Nvda has a lot of trouble reading controls in rmc 6 I know Petro said it
works for him but for people that use windows 7 64 bit either home
preium or pro or any other flavor of windows 7 nvda seems to not work
correctly with rmc, Jaws seems to loose focus most of the time. also
window eyes seems to loose focus at times.
Also when toggleing items you do not know if they are on or off.
The List views don't read at times nor does the guides is there any way
these issues can be adressed? I would be willing to test any changes you
may make to make the software more blind friendly.
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