[blindreplay] Re: replay radio and shoutcast

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 06:54:56 -0500

BlankIs your shoutcast stream music or just audio like talk radio? If it music 
and it contains silence between songs / tracks then you are better off using 
Replay Music 6 in my opinion. If its audio like talk radio and you want to 
split it at the top of every hour you would enter 60 in the duration field for 
the minutes. You would then press your applications key on the original 
shoutcast schedule and then choose copy from the context menu list. Adjust the 
start time recording to next hour and choose ok. You cannot tell Replay Radio 9 
to auto split at the top of every hour with one schedule event like you could 
with Replay AV.

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  how can i get replay radio 9 to record/ and split shoutcast streams?

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