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Hello all.  We have been pretty busy at Applian, so sorry for the delayed reply.

As I previously explained, the yugioh.com site delivers their content via Hulu. 
 Consequently, the videos are encrypted and cannot be directly downloaded in 
the Stream Downloader capture method.  You will either need to do an audio 
capture or DVR recording.  Unfortunately, the DVR function does not work with 
this site yet, and I have filed a bug report.

For audio recording, the default setting is to have “split on silence” turned 
on.  Most likely, the content you are playing has periods of silence which are 
causing splits.  You have three options,

You can turn off the “Split on silence” option.
You can increase the “Silence Time (ms)” value.  Larger numbers will require 
there be longer periods of silence for a split to occur.
You can Combine recordings that have been split.  Select the files to merge 
together, right-click, and choose Combine.

Regarding multiple downloads from YouTube, this really depends on the Settings. 
 Replay Media Catcher 6 can detect when there are multiple video qualities and 
formats available.  For some YouTube videos, there can be around 20 varying 
qualities and formats.  When you visit a YouTube video for the very first time, 
a “Multiple Streams Detected” window will pop up.  From this window you can 
then choose the specific video format you want.  I think Petro previously 
explained this.  At the bottom of this window are two pulldowns for setting 
default downloading behavior in terms of video format and quality.  The 
pulldowns are also accessible via Settings, Internet Downloads.  These are 
labeled “Preferred download quality” and “Preferred download format”.  
Personally, I recommend that these be set to Medium quality with the MP4 
format.  Subsequent visits to YouTube (and other sites) will then grab content 
in this format without the “Multiple Streams Detected” prompt.


Jeffrey Wilson
Applian Technologies, Inc.

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Ok, when trying to capture this video from this site.
the stream capture does not work when i try audio recording this i get
split files how can i fix this?
can this site be used with the dvr recording setting and if so how?
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