[blindreplay] recognition problems in RM 2.51

  • From: "Bob Campbell" <robert-c@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 16:50:19 -0700

Hi Petro.
I took a break from  using Replay Music for a couple of months.
Now that I am trying it again I find that RM 2.51 is not recognizing and 
not labeling any of the tracks  it records.
It used  to perform better than version 3  with    regards to finding artist 
title and album information.
I reinstalled from the .exe file on my C drive.
Using the help you gave back in March of 09, I   shortened the splitting 
time from 1500
to 500 milliseconds.
This fixed the problem I had with it not seperating tracks.
 But it still seems to be   unable to find track info and labels everything 
as  not recognized.
Do you recall how   it should be configured to optomize recognition?
My audio  is through the sound card.
This used to be a simple thing to use.
 I remember when I could start RM, Go to Pandora Radio, and listen while 
Replay Music 2.51 would say,
"recording track"
and "processing track."
after which it would display multiple artist names, album titles, etc.

But Not now.
It seems not to be functioning as it used  to function.
One significant change to my system is the upgrade to Adobe flash player 10.
I think I was using 9 before.
any suggestions?
Bob C.

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