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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 15:58:42 -0400

Had my yearly checkup with the doctor this morning. Took 3 hours to do it. This 
is why I was late in responding.

Yes it was still recording for you Replay AV 8. Let it do its job and then look 
at your recordings. You are supposed to have those 3 files when its recording. 
That is the .cap, .txt and the .tmp. When the recording has finished and if you 
told Replay AV 8 in the basic tab properties to convert the recording to 
another format like .mp3 then wait until the conversion to finish too. 
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  hello all okay i set up replay ave to record a couple of shows but 
haddufferebt resykts,  for instance the j t the bvrick show recorded fine 
although it   was in 2 separate files.  but the leo laport computer show and a 
canaidian show  when i looked in the folder their were 3different files 1 said  
show activity  txt one said  the name dat and thensaid cap and the thir  set 
temp does this mean the show isn't done recording? thanks. 

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