[blindreplay] most otr listings are wrong

  • From: blsmass@xxxxxxxx
  • To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 05:58:07 -0700

Most of the radio listings are wrong.  If I add those programs and find
out what the problems are can they be fixed or dropped?  Most of these
are parts of other shows.  For instance, those were the days comes up as
1 pm to five pm for me in pacific time when it should be 11 pm to 3 pm
because the show runs from 1 to 5 pm in chicago.  Most of these shows are
pieces as well, gunsmoke is actually part of the big broadcast which runs
4 pm to 8 pm on Sunday nights.  If I know where and how to send this
information I would like to give a better idea and will do it if my
research helps.  By the way, one good thing about replay 8 is that with
those were the days it usually saves in real format which can then be
converted.  A lot of the drama is questionable and I will give links to
what that should be if anybody can use it.  Suggestions?  Kurt 
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