[blindreplay] Re: Wrong Link

  • From: "Ron or Susan Denis" <rs_denis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 22:03:54 -0500

It should have said 9:00 AM.  The difference is because that part of Texas is 
on central time.  Perhaps you encountered a problem related to the move to 
standard time which occurred a couiple of weeks ago.  Replay is funy about 
handling the time change.  

From: Hap Holly 
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 9:11 PM
To: blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: [blindreplay] Wrong Link

I just noticed that in the NPR media pack I downloaded from the Media Guide, 
the Diane Rehm entry is incorrect. When selecting her show to record, Replay AV 
records KSTX from San Antonio, TX at 8:00 AM, the slot for Morning Edition. 
Does anyone have the correct URL and time for that show? 
Hap Holly
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