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What Is It?

It is not just for video files. Encrypts any file.

The most convenient way to securely lock video files on your PC.

Video Padlock is super-easy to use. When you open it the first time, you'll be 
asked for a master password, which will be required to access your encrypted 
videos later. Inside Video Padlock you can use the following buttons: 

Lock button

JAWS reads this as Encrypt

Play button lets you play your video / view your file.

Unlock button lets you decrypt your video file or any file.

JAWS reads it as Decrypt

Delete button

Replay Video Padlock Version 1.2 7-20-2012 
JAWS 14 screen reader

Helpful Hints

Do not use your ENTER keyboard key to activate a button on the main interface 
of Video Padlock because it will close the program completely and you will need 
to run Video Padlock again.

Only use your spacebar to activate the buttons on the main interface.

Activation Code

Copy the activation code to your clipboard provided by Applian Technologies 
because you will need it.


Installation of Video Padlock very accessible.

At the end of the install the user is asked to install Applian Director which 
is not part of Video Padlock but another product from Applian Technologies 
presented an issue as JAWS read three unlabeled buttons and the user is unable 
to determine what they are or what they do. Was told there is a checkbox that 
is checked / enabled on the Applian Director install screen but JAWS does not 
announce such a checkbox. Try to use your route JAWS to PC cursor which is 
insert+minus on the numeric keypad and use arrow keys to navigate to the text 
that reads 1 MB and do a JAWS left mouse click which is numeric keypad / to 
activate the checkbox to appear normally. If this works then make sure to make 
the selection you desire to install or not to install Applian Director. I do 
not know anything about Applian Director. Never used it. Make sure you go back 
to the PC cursor mode which is numeric keypad + and choose next button or 
cancel depending what you did in the checkbox.

Registration / Entering Activation Code

The registration process works well. Run Video Padlock. A registration screen 
appears. Edit box for code is shown. Paste the code and choose register button.

If successful a thank you message appears. Choose continue link.

Video Padlock is running. Full access. No demo.

Main Interface (UI)

The main interface which I will call the UI from here on out is accessible. 

Title is read with insert+t.

To select a button only use your spacebar.
Do not use your ENTER keyboard key.
Use your TAB or shift+TAB keyboard keys to advance to each button on the UI. 
The buttons are

Encrypt (referred as the lock in the user guide)
Decrypt (referred as the unlock button in the user guide)

After the settings button you have the

List View 0 items

List View Hint

When you have encrypted files they will appear in the List View. Arrow down to 
a file in the List View and do

While in the List View use JAWS keyboard commands

insert+ctrl+numbers row 1 to hear the name of the encyrpted file

insert+ctrl+numbers row 2 to hear the date of the encrypted file

insert+up arrow to read the entire line in the List View.

We are finished with the UI.

How To Encrypt / Lock A File

Press spacebar on the Encrypt button.

A standard dialog box and fully accessible called Select Files to Encrypt 

In the files types list I chose All Types as I am going to encrypt / lock a 
text file .txt here. You can encrypt any type of file with Video Padlock and 
not just video files.

I located my file and it appears in name field in the standard dialog screen.
Choose open button.

When its not a video file it will warn you that if you are sure you want dialog 
box so choose OK.

Bug report for developer. The warning dialog box is read as Replay Music and 
not Video Padlock but nothing to worry about or fix.

Video Padlock is back in focus.

TAB Key over to the List View contents.

Arrow down one time.
The file path of your encrypted file is shown along with date created.
For example,
C:\downloads\test.txt  8/17/13

Use JAWS commands to read the List View
insert+ctrl+numbers row 1 for file name / path
insert+ctrl+numbers row 2 for date file was created
insert+up arrow to read entire line

Since you encrypted this file it will no longer appear on your hard drive. You 
can only view it within Video Padlock. If you delete this file within Video 
Padlock it will be forever gone. Be careful.

How To Play / View An Encrypted File

Go to the List View
Arrow to the file.
Shift+TAB a few time to the Play button and press spacebar.
Processing is heard.
The file is played or viewed.
In this example since I used a text file it was opened by NotePad text editor.
alt+F4 to close the program that opened the file.

How To Decrypt / Unlock A file

Go to the List View
Arrow to a file.
Shift+TAB key a few times to the Decrypt button and press spacebar.

You have unlocked your file.
The List View no longer shows the file.
Your file is now back in its original location on your hard drive.

Settings Button On UI

Press spacebar on the settings button on main interface.
Settings dialog appears. 
Choose the type of encryption. 
Default is partial encryption radio button is selected.
Change password button.
Open log file button. This is for tech support. in case you are having an issue 
and the want you to send a log file to them.

Forgot Your Master Password?

Use utility called Clear Activation Code. This utility has a reset/clear 
password button.

Run the utility program offered by Applian. It is accessible as I tested this 

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