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I have known about this feature but never used it. I just use
copy and paste to move my folders and files to another drive,
flash drive, or BookPort portable mp3 player.

Try this synch feature and let us know. I know it workss but I
don't think you can pick and choose which folders/files. A stand
alone synch application can do what you want.

I will check it again later.


Hello All,

I have been using the sync function all weekend and I am beginning to like it alot.

After you designate a folder to sync and a device to sync with, the program works well. I set up a "copy to" folder to which everything is copied to. This folder automaticall copies the recordings onto the device when plugged in.

If you delete items from the folder on the pc, they are also taken off the player.

You can choose whether to sync, automatically, never, or have the program ask if you want a sync done.

My only preference would be to be able to pick certain programs to sync to the device when available instead of the current all-or-nothing approach. I do record some video podcasts whcih are automatically copied to the "copy to" folder with everything else. I don't really want these on my playcr-- as I generally consume them on the computer-- So, I have to move them out of this folder before a sync.

In sumrmry, I enjoy the feature and will probably continue to use it.
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