[blindreplay] Replay Player Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:14:58 -0700 (PDT)

Below you will find the keyboard shortcuts for the Replay
Player. I have not tested the new Replay Player that comes with
Replay AV 8.11 release.

I asked Applian Technologies to label the buttons for us. If
they are not labeled and if you want this then email:


I can not do this on my own. Maybe they will listen on this.

Replay Player
Keyboard Shortcuts

All of the Replay Player functions can be performed from the
keyboard as well. This can be handy if you're using a remote
control device.

Here's how the keyboard is mapped:

P = Play/Pause
S = Stop
O = Open
- - Previous Track
+ = Next Track
1 = Advance 30 seconds
2 = Advance 60 seconds
3 = Advance 120 seconds
0 = Go back 15 seconds
Q = quit
U = Volume up
D = Volume Down
R = Regular speed
F = Faster speed
X = Fastest speed   

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