[blindreplay] Replay Media Catcher 5 & Finding Files in Windows Explorer

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Replay Media Catcher

Go to Windows Explorer and locate the folder where your recordings are and play a file the normal way.

But where is that default folder that RMC 5 is using when you first installed the program and how can I change this folder to a new location?

With Replay Media Catcher 5 running do,

Press enter on the Library module/tab.
Press alt+l for the Library toolbar.
Press enter key on settings.
The settings dialog appears.

The Library tab sheet must be active within this dialog screen. You will know its active as JAWS says Library Checked.

Review the various tab sheets within this dialog screen with your right and left arrow keys.

They are tab sheets

Note for me pressing ctrl+tab does not jump to the next tab sheet properties like from the Library tab sheet to the Internet tab sheet. Ok sometimes it magically jumps to the Internet tab sheet but not all the time. I am using a wireless keyboard and not the actual notebook keyboard keys.

Let me know your experience if you are really reading this.

So the Library tab sheet must say checked if it does not you will have to do the following

Route JAWS to PC Cursor
insert+numpad minus (-)
Use arrow keys and find the text Library Internet Audio History and place your cursor on any part of the text called Library and do a JAWS left mouse click by pressing on your mumpad the / key.

Go back to your PC cursor with numpad +.

Numpad means your numeric keypad.

Note the above steps will allow you to choose the tab sheets properties settings. Again they are Library, Internet, Audio and History.

So we hear Library checked by JAWS now.

Press your tab key one by one to hear each setting you can configure within the Library tab sheet.

You need to find the Media Folder edit box. This is where you can enter the folder path or tab one more time to the ... button to browse for the folder path if it makes it easier to do it this way for you.

If you mess up then choose the default button. Otherwise when you make the change press OK

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