[blindreplay] Re: RMC version 4

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 19:12:14 -0400

I told Applian its an issue they should fix the registration code submission. 
When you are in the treeview list you will hear 'Progress' I believe the first 
item is, then 'Today', and if you press your 'end' keyboard key you will past 
the 'search' item which automatically opens on you. The last item in the 
treeview when you press your end key is either Scheduler or Recording. I am 
going by memory. If you press your home key it will take you back the top of 
this treeview list. The Search item which is directly below the Today item 
treeview auto opens on you when you area down and if you right arrow or tab you 
jump on different audio/video you can record immediately. Sort of like a 
database of things you can record. There are 3 submenus within this Search 
treeview. One is music and posssibly audio is the other. If you tab key press 
one time away from the treeview list you land on a combo box. It should say 
something like do nothing or none. This is your converter. Say you tell it .mp3 
32 kbps in this combo box and you record a youtube.com video it will 
automatically convert the .flv video to .mp3 all in one motion. 

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  Apparently nobody fixed it. I had to stop the conga line passing my desk to 
entice a young woman who happened to be my child to enter the registration code.

  I will be slowly getting into this. Two FLV files so far. 

  I think I saw a search aspect, and that's where I'm going.

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    Subject: [blindreplay] Re: RMC version 4

    I use JAWs 11. The only issue I had was entering the product key code and I 
told Applian about it. Not sure if they fixed it. I managed to use the route 
jaWS to PC cursor and clicked magically on something an got the activation. Not 
sure if you can do it. Got lucky here. So may need sighted assistance entering 
the product key code. The cool thing is you keep RMC 3 and can use it when you 
need to and RMC 4 installs in another location. You have 2 applications to use. 
I successfully use RMC 4 here. Different interface. Comes with menu bar. alt+f 
alt+h. There's like 4 menus. alt+d. Pressing alt key won't work for the menus.

    It has a tree view which at first will take getting used to. Ask questions 
on this list - don't hesitate. 

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      Subject: [blindreplay] RMC version 4

      I received an email offering an upgrade to Replay Media Catcher 4 today. 
I noticed that Petro just mentioned it. RMC is my weapon of choice and, of 
course, I have to ask if it plays nicely with Jaws?

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