[blindreplay] RAV 8 Properties & Tab/Pages notes

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 11:57:15 -0700 (PDT)

My notes to you. Let me know your experience with your screen

1. Select a show or station in the listview box.
Press applications key. 
2. Press "P" for properties.
3  Listen to your screen reader's speech. With JAWS 8 I hear
"Page is xxx where xxx is tab/page name".
4. You immediately will know what tab/page your are in.
5. If you are not sure still do a insert+T for title bar with
6. Now you know for sure which tab/page you are in.
        7. Do a control+TAB key combination.
8. You will jump to the next tab/page and the first settings
that you can change within that tab/page.  
9. Still not sure do a insert+T and JAWS will announce the title
bar for you with "page is xxx - where xxx is your current
10. Do a shift+control+tab keystroke and you will bo back a
tab/page and on the first setting you can change.

Applian Technologies has made the properties dialog box very
accessible as I said in my podcast recording I did and I have
shown you the above works with control+TAB method.

Practice makes perfect. I am showing the above for those who are
new to the Replay AV 8. I am currently using Replay AV 8.04 here
with JAWS 8 latest version.

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