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  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 03:55:56 -0400 (EDT)


Thanks for confirming my observations.  It seems, however, that if one 
wants to commence a quick recording, the one time option is faster to set 
Of course, if one then later determines that they wish to make something 
recurring, they'll then have to start over so to speak.

No big deal, however, as that's not that difficult to replicate and, the 
possible hardest part -- locating the url -- is there sitting for you in 
properties from
which you can copy and paste into the new profile.

Truly, now that I've played with various aspects of the program, it's very 
straightforward to work with.  
The packages' biggest weakness -- the station/program database -- can 
become irrelevant given the url finder that Petro explains working with.

And, as for the best sources of station urls, my current favorites are


Streaming Radio Guide


Mike's Radio World

I cannot speak highly enough of all these three as their 
operators/managers/staff truly keep on top of things.  I can speak 
personally as to the updating of information on Radiotime as I routinely 
submit info to them and, in most instances, they act on it within a few 

For those who seek a hand in using the url finder, here's the link 
explaining its use as described by Petro:

A brief description is also included in the user guide.

Aug 2007, petrakigianos-giasou@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Mike
> Don't use the 1 time Record option.
> Use the Repeating option and choose the checkboxes containing
> Monday thru Sunday. If the show is on from 1-3 PM say on Tuesday
> and Fridays then choose Repeating and Tuesday and Friday
> checkboxes. Set the start and end times correctly. This tells
> RAV to record every Tuesday and Friday at 1-3 PM.
> Now say that this show is on Saturdays also but at a different
> time like 6-9 AM and its on the same station and same URL then
> do this:
> In the Replay AV main interface go to the listview where all
> your stations and shows are listed. Arrow down to the station
> that you are recording every Tuesday and Friday. You have
> selected it. Press your applications keyboard key.
> The context menu appears. Choose Duplicate option. Do not use
> the shortcut letter as it will not work. Basically press your
> enter key on Duplicate.
> You have made a duplicate copy and this will appear at the
> bottom of your listview. You will know because it will have the
> <copy> after the station/show name.
> Arrow down or use first letter navigation to go the station
> <copy> in the listview. Press your applications key. Choose "P"
> for Properties.
> The properties dialog box appears.
> Find the schedule tab and change the start and end times.
> Uncheck the Tuesday and Friday checkboxes and check the Saturday
> checkbox. You may want to go to the Basic tab and change the
> name of your station or show as it will contain <copy> in it.
> Choose the OK button when you are done.
> So now you have scheduled:
> To record the station on Tuesday and Fridays "repeating" and on
> Saturdays "repeating" from the same station but at different
> times.
> Petro             
> --- Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This morning, I registered my Replay AV 
> > and had no problem activating 
> > the program as I copied and pasted it into the appropriate
> > box.
> > As indicated, characters are case sensitive meaning that hand
> > entering it 
> > is going to be a recipe for frustration.
> > 
> > I, for test purposes, next 2 audio links.  The first is for
> > wxpr, 
> > Rhinelander, WI as a one time recording.
> > The second is a link for a stream called the Source which airs
> > 3 hours 
> > each afternoon with stock market programming.
> > I entered The Source as a recurring weekday recording for 2
> > hours from 
> > 2-01 to 4-02 pm.
> > Both recorded fine, as expected, with the mp3 files sitting in
> > my e:\mrp 
> > (my received podcasts) folder on my external hd.
> > 
> > Now, here are some observations which I'd appreciate
> > confirmation on my 
> > understanding.
> > When I look at the properties for the Source listing, this is
> > the 
> > recurring recording, scheduling gives me the option to change
> > times and 
> > days of recording into the future.
> > When, on the other hand, I view the properties for WXPR (the
> > one time 
> > recording), I see no ability to edit anything.
> > So, if I want to set up a recurring recording for 6-9 am on
> > Saturdays, I 
> > am guessing that I will need to manually add the station
> > again.
> > Is my understanding on target?
> > 
> > Returning to the recurring Source recording, if I want to add
> > a 2nd show 
> > to be recorded from 4 to 5 pm, I have to make a new entry for
> > the Source 
> > in the listview.
> > While I could manually do this, the easiest approach is using
> > the 
> > duplicate option from the context menu.
> > This would create, 2 Source listings, in the listview.
> > I am guessing that there is no way of placing 2 different
> > shows, from the 
> > same station stream, under the same listing.
> > 
> > If I am not understanding things correctly, I'd appreciate
> > being 
> > corrected.
> > 
> >            Mike
> > 
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