[blindreplay] Re: Is this list dead or alive - wants to hear from you

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Hi Kevin
Great! Great to hear from someone across the pond. Did you mean to say Replay 
Media Catcher 3.11 had issues converting the .flv files to .mp3 instead of 
version 2.11 in your message? Glad its all working for you Replay Media Catcher.

If you still own Replay AV 8 it came bundled with Replay Converter 3 which you 
can also use as a file converter for your files. All the best.

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  Hi to all 

  My name is Kevin Russell and I live in the UK.  For many years, I used Replay 
AV for capturing radio programmes from the BBC.  However, since the BBC iPlayer 
now uses Adobe Flash, I now use Replay Media Catcher.  However, I'm using V3.02 
as V2.11 has problems when converting from FLV to MP3.  I don't get this 
problem with V3.02. 

  Applian is a great company to deal with and I've had a great deal of help and 
great support from Leslie. 



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  Applian Technologies and I need to know if you are still on this list. Say 
  hello and tell us where you are from. I know this product is being used 
  around the world . Don't be shy. Thank you. 

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