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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 10:16:14 -0400

When you are on the main interface of Replay Media Catcher and you tab to the 
listbox view list you can press the following keyboard keystrokes to 
ctrl insert numbers row 2 = name of file captured
ctrl insert numbers row 3 = progress of download like 21.2, 23.5, 27.0

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  I captured some live streaming videos from the web today using Replay Media 
catcher 3.11D.  The file extention that was saved is 1AA.  I need to convert 
the videos to MPEG2 so I can edit them with Video Redo.


  Replay Converter does not recognize the 1AA file extention.


  The documentation sys that I can convert files in Replay Media Catcher.  But 
the only menu item I have in the Tools menu is Settings.  How do I get to the 
other Tools menu selections using JAWS 11?


  I am running Windows 7.  User Account Control is turned off at this point.


  I appreciate your suggestions.


  Rob Armstrong

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