[blindreplay] Conversation with Life My Way and about RMC6

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I am posting this in case there are other NVDA users of RMC6.

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From what i can tell the interface seems a bit different with nvda but
I wasn't quite sure what comands you used to get to the controls,
usually the controls are readable in a program by tabbing control tab,
control shift tab and the arrow keys. compair rmc 5 and rmc 6 with nvda
you will see what i mean.

Petro responded to Life My Way,

Listen to the recordings and I show how i managed to use the RMC6 interface
with NVDA. If you have the 40 minute demo of JAWS or full version use JAWS
for now. Set your configurations with JAWS. If focus is lost you should shut
down JAWS and restart to gain the focus. That's insert+F4 then ok then
restart JAWS with your keystroke hotkey. Once set you can use NVDA with RMC6
somewhat. To capture the videos simply press alt+x and listen for the sound
effect then capture a video on youtube as a test. When capture is finished
you will this sound effect for the complete capture. Since you have NVDA and
I have not tested how to find the list view list where one's recordings are
listed here nor how to find the Capture Method button in order to do some
audio recordings instead of the default setting of stream downloader. Try
import two files from your hard drive into the RMC6 list view with alt+i.
When you press alt+i you will get this standard window to locate your audio
/ video files. Import two or more files please and see if the list view list
shows up by tabbing the UI of RMC6. Do not do just 1 file import. The reason
I bring up this import alt+i is your original files will most likely be in
some other format besides MP3 like FLV or MP4 and depends on the original
video source and your Internet Downloads settings with RMC6. So if you can
view the two files with NVDA then see if right click on a file then choose
save as MP3. With the demo version of JAWS I believe you will have to
restart your PC. With JAWS running you can simply import your files using
JAWS and the same alt+i for importing your files you want to convert to MP3.
If you do not have JAWS then go to your RMC6 default folder of
C:\users\your name\doucments\applian\replay media catcher

Unfortunately they will be in a format you do not want them to be most

My opinion only. Its worth getting the JAWS demo version if you have no JAWS
screen reader on your system.

I do not know if you can turn off JAWS before the 40 minutes expires and
then can run NVDA screen reader without a computer reboot / restart. If you
can then this is a partial solution but not the greatest at all.

If you can please send me your website URL of those shows you were having
trouble with at the beginning of the year. Some were in Japanese language. I
want to test them with the Capture Method Audio Recorder.

Thank you.

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