[blindeudora] Re: moving addresses from one version to another

  • From: Virgil Cook <vcook@xxxxxx>
  • To: blindeudora@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:44:31 -0400

Simply install the new version without uninstalling the old.  The address 
book and mailboxes will be automatically saved so that they will appear in 
the new version.

At 12:08 PM 6/14/2004, you wrote:
>Hi gang,
>I downloaded the latest version of eudora and am trying to figure out how
>to move the address and mailboxes over to the new one.  What files do I
>move from my old version and how do I install them in the new one? Do I
>just copy and paste them into the folder holding the new files?
>I also need to figure out how to mark the graphics for sent and unread and
>forwarded and those kind of things.  I am using windoweyes so perhaps I
>should go to that list for that info.
>Thanks for all the help in the past and also for the help which I'm sure I
>will get from this letter.
>Bud Schwab
>W 6 Z Y P
>Malibu, California
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Virgil A. Cook, Ph.D.
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