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You should also enable the st ats pro feature, which is a free feature of FeedBurner now that it is owned by Google.

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You need to insure the "link" edit field is turned for your blog in the post editor. When you compose a new message, there should be four edit boxes on that page: Title, Link, Body and labels. If the "link" edit field isn't there, you can add it by choosing "show link field" from your post editor page in setup.

If the "link" edit box is present, then place the URL to your MP3 file there. This will show that there is an audio file attached to the post. Now, I use to syndicate my blog. You can tell Feedburner that you are going to create a podcast and you'll be good to go.

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dean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 07/16/07 02:05PM >>>
I don't seem to quite be able to figure this out.  I've set up a
Blogger account and I can see how to write a blog post, but I
primarily want to disseminate a podcast feed.  I can't see any
settings changes that will be helpful for this use.  How do I go
about attaching the mp3 file, and will Blogger pick up informatin
from the id3 tag for length, copyright etc.?

thanks in advance for any direction.


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