Three new podcasts uploaded. Sorry for the late notification.

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Hey all. New on the Audio Blog are three new podcasts. The first is
the promised OpenOffice Writer tutorial. I show you how to create a
document, save it, and I also explain the different file types. I also
give you an orientation to the OO Welcome Window and explain a few
things. Next is a recording of an arena football game I went to with
some friends. Note the storm outside when we're first coming in.
Finally, there is a recording of the Confirmation Mass at Trinity
Cathedral yesterday. This was also my last Sunday there. The priests
agreed to put the recorder on a table so it was guaranteed to get a
good general recording. This features the children't choir singing a
special little song during Communion. Enjoy these three. I was going
to do another sung Compline podcast last night, but I didn't make it
out to Christ Church. The cathedral recording also features a brief
recording of the full peal of tower bells. To listen to any of the
files, go to If you wish
to subscribe, go to

John Moore

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  • » Three new podcasts uploaded. Sorry for the late notification.