Re[2]: Fw: BlindNews: New Podcast Client for Visually Impaired: @Podder

  • From: "djc" <djc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 11:24:00 -0800

Ok well here's my report with APodder. I trouble shooted the problem on his
web site. First of all this client is written in Java. I had to download
and update my Java as apparently it was out of date. This took some time
and I had to restart the machine and do even more updates. Ok once it was
finished I ran APodder from the Menu. AT&T Crystal came on and read the
instructions but she was real low and I had to use my headphones to hear
the instructions. I heard the instructions but positively couldn't get it
working. Once the instructions finished it left me in a window That says
Apodder1.2 Contrast Theme. His instructions clearly state that this client
won't run with screen readers and that it's all self voicing. I haven't
tried turning off Window-eyes and perhaps I should try that and see what
happens. Ok I just did and it still doesn't run so at this point I don't
know what to say. I don't suggest you download this client and IPodder runs
perfectly fine here but I'm interested in new Technology and I hope through
Blindtech to share with you what I learn. I've been on a computer since
1990 and it amazes me how much I still need to learn. I'm sure the feller
who wrote this client is well intentioned but the client won't run here so
far. One good thing did come out of this and that is that I updated my Java
Runtime to the latest version.

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