RE: Quickest Way To Find Feed Address On A Blog/Podcast Web Site

  • From: Jennifer Sutton <jensutton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:31:41 -0500

Kevin and all:

So, while we might not prefer itunes, do you think anyone's really going to do anything about our not being able to "click to subscribe" with it?

All you have to do is NOT click on it since the link usually says itunes in it somewhere.

Can we not copy out the url from the properties, as previously described, especially if that's the only feed choice?

Just because we may not use itunes doesn't mean we cannot use its url, if that's all there is. And quite frankly, not thaw Kevin has mentioned this, it seems to me that itunes might be a fine keyword on which to do one's searching for at least one feed url. If there's a valid, non-Apple-centric RSS feed, it's usually close by, from my experience.

How's about our using itunes to our advantage since it sure isn't gonna go away?

Just a thought, you know.

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