Podcast 25, an interview with Paul Silva ofAllinplay

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 20:24:49 -0400

Hi Everyone!

I know it's again been a long time! I finally moved. It's good to be back.

So in this podcast, I introduce you to one of my favorite places to hang out
<http://www.allinplay.com/> http://www.allinplay.com

I sat down with Paul Silva, co-founder and director of
<http://www.allinplay.com/> http://www.allinplay.com A really cool place
that has accessible games for people who are blind and sighted. Paul talked
about how this site was developed, and some of how it's progressed.

Last weekend there was a Crazy Eights tournament sponsored by
<http://www.acbradio.org/> http://www.acbradio.org And next weekend, there
will be tournaments for Draw Poker and Texas Hold'em.

It's all happening at

 <http://www.allinplay.com/> http://www.allinplay.com

And you can hear more about these tourneys and all kinds of other great info
and music on  <http://www.acbradio.org/> http://www.acbradio.org

It was great to see Paul, his new wife Jojo and Jeremie, all wonderful team
members of  <http://www.allinplay.com/> http://www.allinplay.com when I was
at the ACB (American council of the Blind  <http://acb.org/> http://acb.org

National Convention this past July in Jacksonville Fl.

And, thanks again for the music of

 <http://www.andrelouis.com/> http://www.andrelouis.com

Please note that the comment line has changed. The new number is:

206 600-6807.

Hope to hear from you. Maybe see you on  <http://www.allinplay.com/>
http://www.allinplay.com My nickname there is my middle name, Melaney. Maybe
see you there?

And you can email me


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All the best!

Debbie Hazelton: 

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